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Christopher Hill: Delaware's Next Congressman Ready and Prepared to go to Washington DC and Fight for Delawareans' Rights.

I am on a mission to go to Washington to take on the Democrats and other establishment politicians to join other virtuous members of Congress to create a Renaissance where we the people are in charge of our country, our government, and our lives. I will always put the interests of Delawareans and American citizens first and ahead of all other interests. I believe that you as a Delawarean and American citizen have the right to live your life as you choose unmolested by the Democratic Party and the government. I am aching and yearning to fight against and push back the Democratic party. Delawareans have no voice in Washington right now with 2 Democratic senators, a Democratic congresswoman, and Democratic governor. Because of this, I am aware that as American patriots, your spirit may be broken at this current time. I am your solution to reviving your spirit and our spirits and being your voice and fighter in Washington. Voiceless we will be no longer. With your vote, I will go to Washington and relentlessly and tirelessly fight the Democratic party and put them in their place one by one, every minute of every day for 2 years. There will be no compromising with Democrats or reaching across the aisle from me. That ship has sailed and sunk. I give my solemn promise and pledge a sacred oath to never abandon your voice. Any policy, bill, or proposal from the anti-American Democratic Party will be met with an immediate no vote from me. 

This is not the America we grew up in. We will no longer compromise ourselves out of fear. We will no longer be silenced out of fear of being labeled a racist, we will speak freely. We will no longer hide our religion out of fear of mockery or ridicule, we will practice our faith loudly. We will no longer ignore immoral issues out of fear of being told to mind our business, we will advocate as pro-lifers. It is time to take back our state and country. 

I believe that all of our youth are entitled to educational freedom. Families and children that want to dislodge themselves from ineffective schooling should have the choice to send their children to any school they wish in the state, including private schools. I will champion legislation that allocates federal monies (combined with state and local monies) to families in Delaware (as well as gathered monies from waste and fraud) to allocate these funds to Delaware families so parents and children can escape ineffective schooling and go to the school of their choice. Each year, Delaware spends an average of $16,300 per public school pupil. Through an Educational Freedom program, a child could just as easily attend St. Marks High School (a private school), where the tuition is $14,200 per year. If teachers' unions oppose this idea because it allocates public funds to private schools, then that is a good thing because it creates competition. And competition will force public schools and public school teachers to tidy up their schools and make them appealing and desirable to parents and children. This is a win/win scenario for all children, parents, and youth. 

As a Delaware Board certified alcohol and drug counselor, the opiate and opioid crisis are one of my top priorities. And as such, I will be donating half of my salary as your congressman, distributed evenly, to all the substance abuse treatment facilities in the state of Delaware. 

I will also be leading the effort to have a writ of habeas corpus be granted for each patriot being unlawfully and illegally detained for their participation in the peaceful protest on January 6th. These individuals have the right to be taken before a judge to determine if their detention is lawful, which it is not. Most of the detainees are being held in solitary confinement and cannot speak for themselves and cannot communicate with a lawyer to have a writ of habeas corpus petitioned to the court on their behalf. These individuals are political prisoners and I am going to get them released. 

"Facts are stubborn things. See, whatever our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictum of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. And we see the law on the one hand is inexorable to the cries and the lamentations of the prisoners but on the other hand it is deaf, deaf as an adder to the clamors of the populace"-- John Adams, 1770, in his closing argument defending the English soldiers of the Boston Massacre 

My fellow Delawareans and Americans, this is John Adams warning of allowing your emotions and feelings to get in the way of reality and the law. The law is indelible. It must be followed if we are to have a civilized society. The Biden administration has no regard for the law and we see the chaos and crises this creates. I need your vote because I will fight the Democrats with my fellow Republicans after we regain the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to restore law, peace, and order to America.

"Chris, I just read  the article about you on WDEL’s fb page. I totally support your views on immigration. The older I get, I'm 55, the more political I'm becoming. I am a registered Democrat and have been all my adult life. I plan on switching parties. Just wanted to reach out to you and say best of luck. You have my support." -Bill Salerno, Newark, DE native and Democrat turned Republican who contacted me immediately after the WDEL article posted and said I was free to quote him and use his name.

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It is my duty and obligation at this point in my life to go to Washington DC and protect the rights and livelihoods of Delawareans. Republicans are positioned to regain the House of Representatives in 2022. I will make sure the border is closed, police officers are respected and funded, your 2nd amendment right is not infringed upon, Republicans and Conservatives are not censored, end unaccountable crime that is rampant, and preserve all of your Constitutional rights. All of these issues affect Delawareans directly and I will fight to defend you and your family's rights as well as your livelihoods and your state. We do not need another establishment Republican running for Congress in Delaware who would be a token candidate and in position to lose again. Delaware needs a candidate like myself who is aching to go to Washington and fight the Democrats and push them backwards. 

Recently on or about August 12th, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was caught on a hot mic and leaked audio stating quote "If our border is our first line of defense, we are going to lose (meaning elections) and this is unsustainable. We can't continue like this, our people in the field can't continue, and our system isn't built for it". Notice his main and first emphasis is on losing elections. His main concern should be on the deplorable conditions at the border and the safety of the Border Patrol and ICE. But as we know the Biden administration has no concern for our wonderful men and women of the Border Patrol and ICE. If the democrats cared, they'd be helping the Border Patrol with any and all means to stop the invasion at the border. But they won't help, as democrats see more new potential voters entering the country every day.



Thank you for your interest in my campaign and defeating the Democrat Party. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below. You can call me at any time and I look forward to speaking to you. 


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