The Issues At Hand

Returning to Americanism and American Values.

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Open Southern Border

Secure and Close it now

Right now, the Southern Border continues to be wide open with no security and the Border Patrol and ICE are victims of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have ordered these law enforcement officers to stand down and allow all New Democrat voters and all illegal aliens to enter the country illegally.  The Border Patrol and ICE now have no power to stop people from all over the globe from entering the country illegally. These people are not vetted and we have no idea who they are or what their intentions are. There are covid-19 carrierss, human traffickers, drugs, cartel and gang members, people who have been deported and are not allowed inside the US-- all illegally entering the US daily. According to the US Customs and Border Patrol there has been a 1,066% increase of fentanyl coming into the US and that number is only being calculated at the ports of entries.These drugs have already caused  444 fentanyl overdose deaths in Delaware alone in 2022. This affects Delawareans directly as it brings unnecessary deaths, uncertainty, dislocation, and danger to our state. The Biden administration is partly responsible for the overdose deaths we've had  because of his open border policies. There are illegal aliens being transported to cities all over the US by bus or plane where the city all of the sudden becomes responsible for hundreds of people with limited resources. I will fight to immediately close the border with other members of Congress. With Republicans in an excellent position to regain both chambers, it is possible that Congress and the people may be able to pressure Biden enough to sign legislation that closes and secures the border as much as possible.

Dollar Bills

Democrats passed an unnecessary Omnibus bill just 2 weeks ago that will take money out of your pocket and is taxation without representation while also making gas prices skyrocket by ending our energy independence via ending domestic drilling for oil.

Inflation is an invisible tax imposed on Delawareans and US citizens 

 Recently the Democrats just passed a $1.5 trillion dollar omnibus bill mid-March of 2022. For those that are unfamiliar, this is the mechanism Democrats use to cheat you out of your money and your voice. For instance, this omnibus spending bill contains many leftist agenda carveouts including: money for climate change, $100 billion dollars in Green New Deal initiatives, money to Planned parenthood, and allocates funding for  8 countries so that they may secure their borders- WITHOUT GIVING ONE DIME TO THE BORDER PATROL OR ICE TO SECURE OUR OWN BORDER.

How do they cheat you? These omnibus bills are passed as "spending bills to keep the government running". This is a lie. Democrats pass these omnibus spending bills without the items in the bills being debated on Capital Hill. So Democrats hide and add all their leftist policy agendas without giving the American people a voice on  the items in the "spending bill" which is really a vehicle for leftist policies. Democrats will also take money straight out of your pocket through inflation. All of this "funding" is done with paper money and debt printed by the Treasury. Every paper bill printed makes you poorer as it weakens every dollar in your pocket through inflation- this means prices go up on all goods and services without any new wealth creation. So that $1 in your pocket will only be worth $0.75 in a couple years. This is taxation without representation.

Police Officer

Unwarranted Disrespect for Our Law Enforcement Officers And an Attempt to Nationalize our Law Enforcement.

More funding, not less

So far in 2022 16 police officers have been executed by gunfire that was sparked by the Democrat Party and the Media with all their dishonest rhetoric about our wonderful men and women of our law enforcement agencies. Our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to protect Delawareans. Police officers are automatically labeled bad people by the media and other entities when it is completely unwarranted. Our law enforcement officers deserve much better and deserve more funding, not less. I will fight for our law enforcement officers who risk life and limb every day in what has become a thankless job. I will fight for more funding via federal grants for our Delaware police officers to fight crime in our state. 

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are attempting to set up satellite Capitol Police offices in Tampa Bay, FL and San Francisco, CA, and are attempting to set up more offices if they can. This is utterly unacceptable. It is completely unconstitutional but that deters democrats none. This is an attempt to oversee and overtake local police officers from a Federal level which is completely a political move to gain power. They are attempting this move under the guise of thwarting threats to Congressmen and Congresswomen. Republicans need to control the House and Senate to immediately stop this political maneuver to gain power over your life as your city could be next on Pelosi's list.

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

In need of a robust economy

Healthcare and medical insurance is extremely important. The way to get healthcare for the most people is via a robust economy. The government, an entity that makes and produces nothing, cannot provide healthcare for all. If the economy is robust, that is the best and only way to make sure most have some kind of medical coverage. The more businesses and wealth created, the bigger the safety net for those who are incapable of obtaining coverage. I will do everything possible to keep the government from interrupting your opportunity for medical coverage via the private sector. I will also do everything within my power to help expand the economy to broaden that safety net for those in need of coverage.

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2nd Amendment Rights

Protecting your God given right

The 2nd Amendment reads "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed". This law and natural right are in place so that citizens may protect themselves from whatever they see fit. Your right to own a firearm and protect yourself, your family and your home by any means necessary pre-exists the opinions of others, rendering those opinions irrelevant. Shall not be infringed is clear and concise and I will protect your natural right to own any firearm you wish.

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No accountability for criminality
Democrats view 
unaccountable crime as social justice

We must hold criminals accountable

Right now, there is a nationwide theft crisis at retail stores all across the country and there is no accountability nationwide for these criminals. They are being treated as victims and being released by regional left leaning judicial systems back into our communities and committing more crime. This is unacceptable. I will fight to end unaccountable criminality and restore peace, law, and order. These criminals are hardly to blame as they see no other option. They have been demoralized and dispirited by Democrats for years. These criminals have been indoctrinated to despise and distrust our system of governance. Democrats have gained control of these criminals' emotions. It is my job and the job of all true Americans to dislodge these criminals, who are human beings and our fellow Americans, from this naive way of thinking: that the system is set up to force them to fail.

Democrats view unaccountable crime as social justice. In other words, the criminals are owed these items they are stealing.

Prescription Drugs

Opioid Crisis

Getting treatment for addicts and closing the southern border

As an alcohol and drug counselor, this issue is especially important to me. There is no disputing that overdose deaths from opioids has become a local and national crisis. In Delaware alone, in 1999, there were only 40 opioid overdose deaths. In 2018, there were 355 opioid overdose deaths. This is a 775% increase. Nationally in 2010, there were 21,089 opioid overdose deaths. This number rose to 49,860 deaths in 2019. Then, this number rose to a frightening 69,710 deaths in 2020. Then in 2021, for the first time in American history there were over 100.000 opioid overdose deaths. This is horrifying. It is paramount that the House of Representatives works with the Senate to create a bill that will increase funding and resources for treatment for addicts suffering from addiction. This stunning increase is because of the influx of fentanyl at the southern border. Federal agents at the southern border say they’ve seen a staggering 4,000 percent increase in fentanyl seizures over the last three years. These seizures are not at ports of entry. The Border Patrol reports the rising amount of fentanyl is being found in the desert – transported by increasingly brazen smugglers who are exploiting the open border. It is plainly apparent that the opioid crisis is directly related to an open southern border and gives more reason to immediately secure and close the southern border to save Americans' lives.

Covid 19

Covid 19

Awareness and Personal Choice

There is no doubt Covid 19 has disrupted everyone's life in the US in some way. As an end to the pandemic is in sight, we should remain conscientious of the elderly and those with existing or pre-existing conditions that make them susceptible to becoming seriously ill from Covid 19. But as your Congressman, I will never vote for any mandates that infringe on your own personal medical choices involving your own life. Your medical choices will not be made by the government as that is a concept that does not resemble Americanism. That resembles something that is foreign to our founding principle of individual liberty. I will never vote for governmental mandates such as wearing masks or getting vaccinated. Those are your own personal choices, not the government's.

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End Censorship of Republicans and Conservatives

End social media sites from censoring us

It is obvious that social media websites censor political views and comments they disagree with. Often, they flat out delete comments they disagree with under the guise of promoting safety. When in reality, they merely disagree with opposing views and try to prevent these opposing views from being seen by those in need of being informed. Although they are private companies, they are violating the 1st Amendment right of citizens to speak freely and fairly. By continuing to censor Republican and Conservative views, their aim is to indoctrinate youth with their ideology. Their ideology is in opposition to Americanism and American values. I will fight to end this censorship when I arrive in Washington.



Protecting our youth from leftist ideology

Currently, academia and even some heads of teachers' unions are teaching critical race theory in schools.  Parents must be ever vigilant to protect their children from this theory which is renamed every week so that it can be taught in schools without being recognized by its formal name. For those not familiar with the theory, it purports the idea that racism is ingrained in society and systemic racism exists- without there being the actual existence of the individual racist. This theory is toxic to youth because it introduces the concept to children to immediately recognize and judge other individuals by the color of their skin rather than their morals, values, and character. The theory is inherently divisive and has no place in our schools. Children should be taught American history and the tremendous progress our country has made throughout history, our benevolent nature, and the myriad of sacrifices America has made for our country and other countries in the name of justice, freedom, and peace. There is a reason migrants from over 150 countries risk everything including their lives to try to enter the United States. It is not because of our imperfections, it is because of our tolerance, kindness, and prospect for a happy and prosperous life. Although schooling is usually handled at the local level, this has become a national issue. I will vote yes for all bills introduced that ban critical race theory in schools so that our youth is protected from feeling shame and guilt and learning resentment, envy, and prejudgment in school- which is what critical race theory inherently teaches. I will not allow our youth and children to be emotionally and mentally abused by the democrat party.


Decriminalizing and Legalization of Marijuana will cause deaths

Having been involved with thousands of drug addicts, I can personally attest to the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to harder drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. I am yet to meet an addict who woke up one day and decided to use heroin or fentanyl. These addicts invariably report that they experimented with marijuana first but then moved on to harder drugs. We just had over 100,000 overdose deaths in the US in 2021. Legalization of marijuana will cause deaths in the United States as people of all ages move on from marijuana to drugs like heroin and fentanyl that cause death.